April 28, 2021 Julia Rambeau Smith

Effective today, MRG Live will grow its presence in the US by taking over the booking and calendar management for The Historic Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, California. Taylor Stevens, Head of West Coast at MRG Live, will be the point of contact for all show holds and bookings. The team is excited to bring new life to this 70 year old, 900 capacity venue and use its international relationships to bring a wide-range of cultural programming to SLO.

“The Central Coast of California has always had a robust live music scene and the team at MRG Live is positioned to build and nurture this all while supporting and engaging the community and fans,” Taylor Stevens comments. “Being the preeminent venue in San Luis Obispo County and a registered historical landmark, we are very excited to work with international and local artists to tell the story of the Theater and bring culture to the community. MRG Live and The Fremont Group will collaborate and expand in the market together as our passion for the music and experiences are aligned.”

Jacob Smid, Managing Director for The MRG Group, adds, “MRG believes that there is a huge opportunity for collaboration with local venues to support them in delivering Positive Shareable Experiences.  Under Taylor Stevens’ leadership, it is great to partner with the Fremont Theater as our first booking arrangement, with many more to follow.”

Located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, The Historic Fremont Theater was built in 1941 and opened on Memorial day in 1942. Throughout its early years it served both as a moving picture theater and a live entertainment venue. Designed to mimic the concert halls and opera houses of Europe, it is full of rich art deco charm in which Heinsbergen Decorating Company of LA is responsible for the 100 feet of decorative murals of flowers, charging steeds, and women in gowns. The theater has hosted a variety of events from war bond shows in the early days to Yes’ reunion in 1996. Most recently hosting over 100 ticketed shows per year, MRG Live’s goal is to increase the bookings with diverse cultural content for the community.

For more information on The Historic Fremont Theater please visit and follow @fremontslo.

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