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BeatRoute is a global lifestyle digital media company rooted in storytelling through the lens of a music fan.

We are committed to creating exciting, thought-provoking content that inspires and entertains while celebrating emerging artists and industry pioneers across all genres. Established in 2004 as a street print publication, BeatRoute has since gone digital, highlighting talent from all corners of the entertainment industry. Music is everywhere.

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RBCxMusic Darkspark Editorial

Reimagining the Jamaican tradition of “versioning” to elevate young artists’ voices on a worldwide platform. In partnership with RBC. Read more here.

Converse We The Movement Campaign

Music is power. It has the ability to express emotions, to change a mood in one chord, to slow you down, to hype you up, and to make you move. And for three young, talented female music makers in Toronto, they are using that power for good.  Read more here.

We partner with major labels and brands to bring
custom content created through the lens of a music fan
to people all around the world.

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