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MRG Live’s mission is to be the leading partner
for connecting creators to their audiences.

Our core business is producing and marketing events in partnership with creators which deliver Positive Shareable Experiences to our collective audience.

Our Story

MRG Live is a leading independent North American concert and entertainment production company. Founded in 2008, MRG Live has since become Canada’s largest concert and entertainment promotion company and expanded into the USA in 2020. The company produces over 1,000 events annually, servicing MRG’s 9 owned, operated or programmed venues, and producing concert across Canada and in key US markets ranging from clubs to theatres to arenas. Our strategic approach focuses on developing and growing artists and markets, while never forgetting the importance of the fan experience.

MRG Live in 2022

MRG LIVE has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Victoria, Calgary, Montreal and Miami focused on production, venue management, talent buying, marketing and branding.

MRG LIVE’s focus on live entertainment is an important contributor to The MRG Group’s overall mission of being a global leader in creating positive shareable experiences.

We believe in producing the right shows
for the right reasons.


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