Knallhart Management Group and MRG Live Team Up To Expand Entertainment Offerings Across The Group’s Portfolio Including a Live Event Refreshed Approach to Holly Blue & The Angeles - The MRG Group
July 25, 2022 Julia Rambeau Smith

There’s a new energy coming to Fort Lauderdale. Florida’s premiere hospitality collective, Knallhart Management Group is excited to announce a collaboration with MRG Live, a leading experience producer in North America, on a revamped, more diverse entertainment offering which integrates the properties for more memorable nights out.

Knallhart Management Group is thrilled to team up with MRG Live to give Fort Lauderdale an unparalleled, updated take on nights out. The collective goal is to extend the offerings of live entertainment and event programming at Knallhart Management Group’s venues.

MRG Live has produced and promoted live shows and events for over a decade and expanded into the US in 2021. Led by Managing Director, Jacob Smid, an entertainment executive with over 20 years of world-wide experience, global and local talent of all genres will be brought to Knallhart Management Group’s venues.

Jacob speaks to this enrichment of programming at the unquestionably unique venues, “The Angeles and Holly Blue bring an opportunity to Fort Lauderdale like nothing else. To join forces with the Knallhart Group to provide memorable nights out for people is the driving force behind both our companies. I also look forward to offering stages for artists to perform in a key market like Florida which is in the middle of an incredible evolution and partnering with Knallhart on other opportunities across the state.”

Come fall 2022, The Angeles will become Knallhart Management Group’s first live entertainment venue of the company’s portfolio.

In addition to the focus on the offering at Holly Blue and The Angeles, MRG Live will also work with Knallhart Management Group to expand and innovate the live experience across the whole portfolio including Rhythm + Vine and Roxanne’s.

About Knallhart Management  Group

Knallhart Management Group is a Florida-based hospitality and lifestyle company with a diversified portfolio of unique nightlife & restaurant venues. The company’s namesake is taken from the German term meaning ‘badass’, which has set the high-level standard for the group’s repertoire of diverse brands.

Our mission is to be the most interesting & guest-centric hospitality group where consumers can expect a special experience & staff feels fulfilled providing it. By doing what we love and loving what we do, we have resulted in crafting remarkable experiences.


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